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January 2017

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The Thief of Wishes is an interactive book which will take you again into a fairy tale world – where “…and they lived happily ever after” is only one of many possible endings.

The gameplay is focused on traveling between two different worlds (a lovely old town and it’s nightmare version) and choosing one of two available actions/questions to make the story progress.

The main protagonist of the app is a brave and book loving girl - Catharine. Her goal is to defend the dream distorted by a mysterious monster, save the villagers, and reveal the secret of the magic Fountain.

The application develops creative thinking, reading skills, and explores themes such as fulfillment or giving up dreams, giving parents a convenient tool for discussing them with their kids.

Age: 7+
Available directly from Homepage and via App Store
Language: English, Polish, German, French (more coming in future).


The Thief of Wishes project was started in 2016, when the third person joined the team - but the idea for the story is much older and the script or many of illustrations were finally created in 2015.

"We knew from the start that we want Catharine ("The Girl") and the Thief (“The Monster”) perform together as a duo. But the theme of the script was more comedic, with continuous escapes, gags and many attempts to take the stolen coins away from the Thief. With time, however, we discovered that we would prefer a more serious story, which meant that a more interesting Thief was necessary. The current one also has magic powers. They are not, however, so comical. We also changed his motives – instead of acting out of greed or malice, he became a more complex character, the prisoner of the Fountain, whose past is shrouded with mystery."
— Lucyna Markowska, scriptwriter & game designer

"At the beginning of our work on The Thief of Wishes, we had a difficult choice - which platform do we want to develop for? At first, we considered Unity with its flexibility. Of course, the free engine which we can use to develop for Windows, Android and Steam is a great advantage, but also a lot of problems. It was then when iOS was proposed. At first we were a bit... distrustful. Theoretically we had some experience with this platform, but we were afraid it won't let us develop for anything else. "OK, OK, but let's try..." - and this turned out to be a good choice."
— Krzysztof Paczoska, developer


  • Atmosphere of traditional fairy tales
  • Journey through two different worlds
  • More than 40 beautiful pages
  • Alternative dialogue options and endings
  • Original music
  • 3 mini-games


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download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Selected Articles

  • "This is, undoubtedly, a story for kids, but that doesn’t leave out the parents. Your role as a parent becomes an integral, supplementary one: talking to your kid(s) about the questions The Thief of Wishes proposes. (...) And with so many mysteries afoot—a distorted dream, a mysterious monster, and a magical fountain to name a few — The Thief of Wishes is chock full of potential conversations."
    - Zachery Bennett, Entertainment Buddha
  • "After spending the weekend watching classic Pixar films and reminiscing over my slowly fading youth, as well as going to see the brilliant 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic It, a cute, cartoony fairy tale story combined with creepy overtones is exactly what I need right now. "
    - Rob Funnell, toucharcade.com
  • "It's been a while since we've had an interactive book on the horizon, and The Thief of Wishes looks too pretty NOT to mention. "
    - Emily Sowden, Pocket Gamer

About All Blue Studio

All Blue Studio is a small, independent team founded by three persons in May 2016. The main goal of the studio is to prepare mobile applications combining the features of visual novel games with atmosphere of traditional fairy tales.

The stories told by All Blue Studio stand out with a unique visual setting - as complex as the real book illustrations, but with additional animated elements. The apps also have strong reliable characters. It is easy to identify with them, with their motives and perspective.

More information
More information on All Blue Studio, our logo & relevant media are available here.

The Thief of Wishes Credits

Lucyna Markowska
Game Design / Story

Magdalena Markowska
Graphics / Animations

Krzysztof Paczoska
Programming / Animations

Piotr Jędrzejczyk
Music / Sound Effects

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